Zegna Logo Rebrand Video Campaign

Machas Ltd, a London-based creative consultancy agency, contacted me to direct the new video campaign for Ermenegildo Zegna logo rebrand. First of all, I gathered a team of talented motion designers, and then I started working closely with Rita Comi, MD @Machas, James Dawe, a really well-known British digital visual artist, who produced the visuals for the entire campaign and Stefano Ritteri who composed the music for the animations.
During the process we produced many videos in a very short amount of time. As always happen when deadlines are very narrow, we had to work simultaneosly on several videos trying to keep a visual and dynamic consistency of the entire campaign in order to achieve a unique solid identity image. In the end, after several meeting and tweaks we finally achievied it.

Art Direction – Massimo Loiacono
Motion Design – Massimo Loiacono, Andrea Bax, Federico Donati, Giuliano Camarda, Jennifer Ornago

ClientMachas LtdServicesArt Direction, Motion Design

Our Road – Concept

Inspired by the journey and triumphs of its founder, menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna has designed a new logo that is quite retro. The double-stripe is a meaningful tribute to the brand’s routes and roots in the Piedmont mountains. The campaign “Our Road to Tomorrow” features key visuals and videos chapters that collide with Zegna’s archive and new collection images. As the camera steadily moves forward, the viewer witnesses a seamless journey through the past, present and future of Zegna.

“This project was a chance to revisit collage in its purest form. Executing it with modernity to highlight the new logo and the brand’s sustainable ethics, illustrious past and future—and I think that Massimo and the animation team did a fantastic job bringing my keyframes to life.” — James Dawe

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